From the smallest … to the most important, everything is the same for us!

studio seven

…it doesn’t always have to be a Summit or a conference with numerous attendees! Our members service with the same highest standards in quality even the smallest of meetings!

   And as pictures speak louder than words, here is how our member in the Maltese region, StudioSeven, equipped and supported with the latest Bosch Conference technology their every day business! Dicentis discussion devices were set up around a U-shape room configuration to facilitate deliberations and Bosch Integrus technology was used to support simultaneous interpretation!   Our members can always make it seem easy, because in reality it is indeed very easy for them! Technical teams throughout the network trained by Bosch engineers, diffuse knowledge equally! And this how even if you work with one of our members in the US, it will be the same as if you are working with the one in Japan!   Reach out to our Central Office at [email protected] and find out how one of our members can help service your meetings and events…regardless the size!

studio seven
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