Distributed Meetings

Bringing people together, without them having to travel

CRN is looking toward the future of meetings and has designed a new concept of organizing the international ones! We want to bring people together, to connect them, without them having to travel, not compromising on quality delivered and on the security of information exchanged.

This service consists of advanced digital solutions by combining the experience of the CRN members with the latest technology. The concept is to design a room with technical elements such as audio, discussion microphones, cameras, video platforms with interpretation if needed and replicate it in as many places and/or cities as required. Under this scope, a special software named CRN HUB Connect has been developed to ensure the functionality of several meeting rooms as if they were one, obtaining a diverse and innovative solution.

How do we do it?

We design each case by asking 4 questions:

  1. Location of the meeting(s). As our network is represented in all continents, more than 40 countries and multiple cities, we definitely cover a big part of the world! 
  2. What will be the room layout to support your meeting or event and how many people will be attending. According to some standards, it can be a different set up for each venue.  Each set up and location will have its own unique equipment configuration. 
  3. What will be your choice of a video platform to connect the event locations. We usually advise which would be the most suitable to service your meeting or event, depending on the functionalities required. 
  4. If interpretation is needed, your needed interpreted languages and the location of the Interpreters’ HUBs.  


The rest of the equipment needed to make things happen for you and your event, will be put together by one of the Congress Rental Network experts, using to your advantage their experience and knowledge!

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