HUBS Solutions

new trends

Permanent need for ad-hoc additions

When it comes to the new trends that came to be in this day and age the need for fast-paced virtual-first remote work and servicing has come to the forefront of servicing the event industry as a whole.

We’re now seeing more and more the permanent need for ad-hoc additions to running events, yes you got that right all those last minute changes that come in and need to be done.

G20 meeting in Bali
series of HUBS

Forefront of innovation

Being at the forefront of innovation CRN has implemented throughout the network a series of HUBS for remote interpretation, through this we’re fulfilling the need for SI during events while cutting out the hassle that comes along with the old-norm of having everything local.

Congress Rental Network (CRN) is a worldwide network of 45 independent conferencing solutions companies spanning 43 countries in 5 continents.