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About us

Congress Rental Network (CRN) is a global network of more than 45 independent conferencing solutions companies spanning in all 5 continents. All member-companies share the unique vision of CRN, which is to provide the highest level of quality and service for any conference, congress, meeting or event utilizing the latest Bosch Conferencing Technology.

About Us

Yet as lately we have moved into a new era of meetings and events, CRN has also partnered with cutting edge technology providers in Remote Simultaneous Interpretation platform and white-labelled the application, with booth manufacturers to assure the highest standards possible as well as with robotic camera manufacturers and video management software providers!


Whether you are managing thousands of delegates from all corners of the world or a small gathering of representatives in a single meeting room, Congress Rental Network can provide the perfect solution!

Founded in 1990, the CRN has partnered exclusively with its technology partner, Bosch, who is leading conference market by consistently introducing innovative and award winning discussion and interpretation solutions. The Bosch name is synonymous with innovation, quality and reliability. Each CRN member is a specialist in these conferencing and simultaneous interpretation solutions.

Each member is audited and appraised according to rigorous selection criteria. They represent the best of the best. Wanna be impressed by numbers? Collectively, they have more than 1,100 employees, and host more than 40,000 events every year. All are powered by a common inventory with a total of more than 65,000 receivers, 10,500 microphones and more than 730 interpreter booths! 

Mission Statement
Our Mission

Mission Statement

To provide a Technical Solution for Events and assure a global, committed and unified organization of exceptional services through Bosch Congress Equipment.


Why trust the Congress Rental Network?


Our members have experience in installing and operating the latest state-of-the-art conference and interpretation Bosch Conference Systems.


Our members are specialists in congress equipment hire.


Our members provide tailor-made solutions to any of your events, meetings or conference.


Our members collaborate to create a global pool of equipment and human resources.


Our members cater for small to large national and international meetings anywhere around the world, abiding by the most rigorous criteria.


Our members cater for small to large national and international meetings anywhere around the world, abiding by the most rigorous criteria.

No two conferences are exactly alike, so a tailor-made approach to congress equipment rental is essential. The Congress Rental Network (CRN) has broad-based expertise with total conference infrastructure, including facilities for press rooms, break-out meeting rooms and interfacing with public address and audio-visual systems. With experience in everything from international summit meetings at governmental level to company sales conferences, you can rest assured that the CRN can help.

Business Partner

Bosch Conference Systems – a business unit of Bosch Security Systems – is one of the world’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of professional audio, wireless, life safety and communication equipment. Bosch Conference Systems offers complete system solutions for the world’s most critical, high-profile installations and events.

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