The Event at the Sofia Event Center!

Sofia Event Center

“The Event”, was organized at the Sofia Event Center from Special Events Group/ Sofia Event Center in order to celebrate its first year birthday party. Main purpose of the event was to show the capabilities of our company and event location – showing everything including technical solutions, design, content creation, catering options, furniture, etc.

Since the purpose was showing everything Special Events Group can do, our Bulgarian partner used the best from all their departments: Bosch DCN NG SI equipment, 2 line array PA systems, more than 100 moving heads and beams, live streaming and connection with other CRN partners (like CRN Hungary from Budapest, Consys from Turkey and Polyglot Translations from Hong Kong), as well as truss constructions, 24 projectors for 360 degree edge blending projection, 8 Dataton Watchout media servers, live shooting with 3 TV and 5 HD GoPro cameras, exhibition of 18 paintings together with 16 42-50” LCD screens and 2 multimedia projectors, even LED wall P5 500×300!

As an organizer, our Bulgarian partners, believe that once again they have proven that they are the Number One company for conference and events in their region! With the guest list reaching 80% attendance, the Event was highly circulated in all social media with a lot of photos proving the success and the fun they all enjoyed that night!

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