System integrations in the post-pandemic!

   Our member in the Spanish region, Ditec, carried out the audiovisual integration project of an executive room, which has entailed the resizing of its entire system and the expansion of functionalities, although the main challenge was to integrate all the subsystems so that the new generation videoconferencing could be carried out.

   One of the peculiarities is the trapezoidal layout of the table, previously U-shaped, which has forced to integrate a central visual reinforcement system with the relevant monitors, so that all attendees have a perfect viewing angle. In addition, the existing Bosch Dicentis wired discussion devices were expanded, so that all attendees have the possibility to participate in the meetings.

  The most relevant functionality incorporated in the room has been the system that allowed videoconferencing with the relevant platform, while serving as a control system for the entire room.

  The control system was programmed so that the capturing equipment, consisting of cameras located in the central area, is to be activated by pressing the microphones every time the user intervenes and activates his or her device, and automatically focuses it and is visible in the videoconference.

   If you want to know more of how one of our members can technologically upgrade and smarten your meeting room or board room, contact our Central Office at [email protected] and we will liaise you with the relevant partner!