The CCAMLR-39 meeting supported by Congress Rental Australia!

    This October, due to the pandemic the Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources (CCAMLR) moved their meetings online with the help of Congress Rental Australia’s Remote Simultaneous Interpretation and live English captioning solutions. The virtual sessions connected over 200 viewers and 100 active speakers from around the world. They convene every year in a group of meetings consisting of two key sessions: The Scientific Committee meeting; and the annual meetings of the Commission. Both meetings are typically held in four official languages using in-person Simultaneous Interpretation.

   The CCAMLR-39 meeting was the first time the organisation had held such a complex set of meetings virtually and for this reason they faced three critical challenges:

  1. They had to manage 100 active speakers during the online sessions, 40 of which were heads of delegation (HoD). If any of the HoDs disconnected, the session chairman would have to suspend the session until they reconnected.
  2. Remote Simultaneous Interpretation and live English captioning to over 300 online participants through a secure connection had to be delivered seamlessly and in high-quality.
  3. And all the above had to be organised through an online platform that met their specific needs and a provider with the capacity and knowledge to train all staff, speakers, and interpreters in preparation for the meetings.

   For this reason, CCAMLR reached out and collaborated with Congress Rental Australia to create a customised solution that met their needs consisting of four parts the platform in need, captioning and recordings, monitoring sessions – speakers and interpreters as well as having everyone been trained in advance so as to perform while the meeting was in session!

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