Sustainable development of the blue economy Conference in Gozo, Malta!

   The Studio Seven team supplied over 50 Bosch Dicentis devices to facilitate a discussion which took place in Gozo, having an array of languages being used in the venue’s hall. With a team of SCIC interpreters present, who like a music composition, would flawlessly switch channels and languages depending on the language used at the time, the meeting was made so much more effective for all participating – to be engaged in the unfortunate reality and challenges the sea bring with it.

   With the facility of talking in up to 32 languages, the discussion ran smoothly! Three interpreters in each of the six booths, supported the conference for ‘Sustainable development of the blue economy’ organised by the European Committee of the Regions with the presence of Malta’s President Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca and Karmenu Vella, European Commissioner for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries.

  Our local member’s role included Project Management, Supply of all Technical Equipment and Support, Office equipment support, Simultaneous Interpretation and Systems Integration. Whilst space was much to be desired in the hall,  they customised the microphone’s display screen to help the delegates learn the new technology as well as supporting all the interpreters who had to use a brand new design to deliver their interpretation.

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