StudioSeven technically supporting the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting!


CRN member in Malta, Studioseven, was responsible for the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting for a second time directly responsible for the Retreat and Youth Forum.

   The retreat requested to supply 54 wireless microphones for each country and it’s ministers to talk into from their armchairs. Some of the member countries are Switzerland, United Kingdom, Australia, South Africa, Cyprus, Singapore, Malaysia, Nigeria to mention but a few. Naturally we chose to use the latest wireless multimedia equipment Bosch designed -DICENTIS wireless conference system-.

   Together with the support of the CRN members we delivered this project at the highest standard possible programming the mics remotely as the ministers sat in an open plan layout. Once the chairman took his seat he was given the rights necessary to open the meeting and chair it throughout all the day in an open discussion process as protocol specified.

   The meeting ended successfully thanks also to Robotrade -our member in Slovenia- for the support they provided!


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