The Special Senior Officials Meeting in Singapore!

The Special Senior Officials Meeting (SOM) involves the ASEAN Member States and representatives from other councils and authorities. The purpose was to discuss the world’s energy accomplishments for 2018 and the priority plans for the year ahead. Congress Rental Singapore was delighted to support the 3-day event, held at the Singapore Intercontinental Hotel from the 21st – 23rd of January 2019.

The conference microphones were pre-programmed to display the client’s logo on the screen. The microphones allowed delegates to press their request-to-speak button, to put themselves in the queue. The Chairperson then controlled the delegates requests using a touch-screen laptop, pre-programmed with easy-to-use software. In this way he could approve, delete, add and order the queued delegates.

This was a great event for our local member, Congress Rental Singapore, as it demonstrated the benefits and features of the Bosch Dicentis Wireless Microphone System, compared to the wired. Extremely mobile, suited all last minute changes, provides an immaculate table presentation and more usable space for the delegates!

If you want to know more about the Dicentis Bosch Wireless Conference and how you can find it among our members to use it to one of your meetings, contact us at [email protected]!