2019 kick starts with CRN’s 29th Annual General Meeting!

For CRN, this year’s 29th Annual General Meeting was held in Kuala Lumpur hosted by our Malaysian member AV Image Systems and Martin Wong’s amazing team!

Network had a successful meeting which brought challenging decisions to the table. Moreover, welcomed as well as great guest speakers and sponsors taking the business aspect of the meeting to another level.

The Board of Directors had to bid farewell to Mrs Anne Renaldi as her term ended as the Americas Regional Representative and welcomed Mr Joaquin de Elias to replace her as the Board Member for region.

During the meeting, as usual, the Bosch – CRN Award Night took place acknowledging the hard work of Board members and company-members both on a regional but as well on a global scale.

An honorary plate was handed by the network’s Chairman, Michel Calvelage, to exiting Board Member Gerhard Koudelka for all his effort and hard dedication to the work that needed to be done during the time he was on.

Regional Member of the Year for 2018 for the Asia – Pacific was Congress Rental Australia, as voting among the membership indicated. Award was received by Owner and Managing Director of the company, Jeremy Ducklin, as well from the Sales Manager, Sebastian Ennis.

Moving on to the regional awards, the one for Europe-Middle East & Africa was given to our member from Spain, Ditec Communicaciones and there to receive it were owners Jose-Maria Grau and his son, Roger Grau.

Continuing the evening, Director of Global Product Management of Bosch, Mr. Lars Van Den Heuvel together with Mrs. Christina Balanon, Director Global Brand Management and Marketing Communications of Bosch presented the Bosch Award of 2018 and that was handed out to Congress Rental Singapore! There to receive it Owner and Managing Director Jeremy Ducklin and Fendy Samadi, Technical Director of the company.

Last but not least, CRN Chairman handed out the CRN Member of the Year award for 2018 and that was proudly given out to Ditec Communicaciones for their exceptional dedication and support of the network’s activities! Again the Grau family was there to receive it with honors!


Everyone is looking forward to the 30th Annual Meeting of 2020 that will take place in Moscow of Russia to re-unite in order to advance the network further into innovative business practises and to celebrate three decades of actively shaping the future together with Bosch in simultaneous interpretation and conference systems!