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Our congress rental business has taking on another chapter – the Dressing room assignment!

Polyglot pride ourselves for being very versatile and adaptable when it comes to the congress rental business. We have had requests in the past from handling EU/United Nations style official events to other unusual SI events like in the Crazy Horse Salon in Hotel Lisboa where we worked alongside with the nude western female dancers.

Today’s SI rental assignment for the Grand Opening for the world 2nd biggest fashion retailer ZARA’s Flagship store Hong Kong is another first!

The client asked us to install the SI booths in the store’s Ladies Dressing room area where our male technicians had to cope with a stream of female customers getting dress and undress in the “cabines” right next to them. The busy traffic of lady shoppers in and out was certainly very distracting for them while monitoring the situation of Press Conference in the main store floor area behind layers of curtains. At times the technicians were asked by the customers to hold onto the coat hangers with dresses while simultaneously adjusting the Central Control Unit for the sound level. Hats off to our unperturbed professionals working in a very challenging environment

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