ITF 43rd Congress 2014

ITF 43rd Congress 2014

Transport syndicates and workers from all over the world met in Sofia during the ITF 43rd Congress during last August.

Our member in Bulgaria, KTBG Kongresstechnik supplied all equipment for this meeting:

Main room: SI in 13 languages, 1.600 digital receivers, discussion microphones, edge blending projection with 3 full HD projectors onto a curved 30m. x 6m., AV streaming to 3 cabinets, IT infrastructure and last but not least a business center.

Parallel room: SI in 9 languages, 400 digital receivers, 65 discussion microphones and of course a P.A. and projection system.

Also during the event, the organisers distributed tablets to each participant trying to make the event greener with less printed material available.

Where the success lies? That Kongresstechnik is the only local company that is capable of supporting such an event together with its CRN partners!

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