IPBES in Medellín of Colombia!

   The sixth Plenary session of the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services) took place in Medellín of Colombia from 17th until the 24th of March of 2018 organised by UN Environment, UNESCO, Food and Agriculture of the United Nations and UNDP and supported by our member in the area CongressColombia.com.

  It was an event of 12 days long with many challenges: changes on delegate database every day in all the rooms where the system was being used, interpretation team was hired by the UN so it requires the most hight quality standards on the simultaneous services while performing both in double and triple booths!

   The team of our Colombian member used the latest technology in hand, a combination of DCN NG and DICENTIS Discussion devices while providing audio feed to the press room and recording the meeting in Spanish and English!

   CongressColombia.com was selected for the high quality services that they deliver tot he floor! It makes them a reliable company and confirms in what they believe “Quality is respect for the public”!