The ASEAN – Australia Special Summit in Sydney!

   March 16-18, 2018 marked the first-ever ASEAN-Australia Special Summit. Leaders from ASEAN and Australia met to discuss vital issues affecting the Asia Pacific Region such as cybersecurity, counter-terrorism and free trade.

   Congress Rental Australia was chosen to support the large-scale event across multiple Sydney venues including ICC Sydney, Admiralty House and The Intercontinental Hotel Sydney. Several meetings and events took place over the two days, including The Leader’s Plenary, The Counter Terrorism Conference,

   The CEO Forum Roundtable and Lunch, and The Leader’s Retreat.

   The Congress Rental Australia team overcame several complex challenges, such as planning for the 24-hour lockdown that prevented all equipment from entering the ICC after the first meeting had commenced and running cables across multiple floors at the ICC. The team utilised their own equipment, as well as equipment imported from the CRN member in Singapore and Germany, to produce a seamless, error-free event.

   The Leader’s Plenary was the heart of the ASEAN- Australia Summit. The meeting was attended by the Leaders from over 10 different ASEAN countries, and Australian Prime Minister, Malcom Turnbull. The Plenary was laid out in a circular shape, with the oval table in the middle hosting the main leaders of the Summit. Each leader at the oval table was given a Bosch Multimedia Microphone, which enabled them to listen to an interpretation audio feed based on their language preference. The other leaders were stationed at tables in rings around the outside of the oval table, with Bosch Integrus Receivers and headphones so they could receive the interpretation for their language of choice.

   In a large room parallel to the main meeting, 10 three-person Audipack interpreter booths were installed. Interpreters were also given a video feed of the current speaker on LCD screens placed in front of the interpreter booths. The video feed was captured via Bosch Dome Cameras that were hung from the ceiling above the plenary. Each time one of the Leader’s activated their microphone to speak, one of the four 360-degree Bosch Dome Cameras would move to automatically focus on the speaker.

   The Counter-Terrorism Conference was an interactive meeting held the day before the Leader’s Plenary. The speaker’s tables were constructed in a u-shaped configuration, with a wired Bosch Dicentis microphone installed for every speaker. Two 360- degree Bosch Dome cameras were built into the centrepiece to provide a visual display on the projector as they activated their microphones.

   Similar to the Leader’s Plenary, seven soundproof Audipack interpreter booths were installed in a parallel room, facing a projector screen that displayed the conference. Languages interpreted were English, Bahasa Indonesian, Lao, Khmer, Thai and Vietnamese.

   Moreover, the Congress Rental Australia team set up the CEO Roundtable Forum, the Leaders’ Retreat and the back-up venue at the InterContinental Hotel! Astonishing co-ordination and set up by our local member with an amazing result as described through the words of Chris Jackson from the ASEAN – Australia Special Taskforce:

“The efforts of Congress over the event weekend have not gone unnoticed and I have continually received nothing less than complete admiration and the highest appreciation for the way simultaneous interpretation services were managed and performance and quality of the attending Congress staff. I would personally like to congratulate Congress for another extremely successful engagement with PM&C. Well done and thank you all once again”


ASEAN-Australia Leaders’ Plenary Opening Remarks Room set up at the Leaders’ Summit Plenary at the ASEAN in Australia Special Summit in Sydney, Saturday, March 18, 2018. Photograph by Irene Dowdy/ ASEANinAus


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