Hotmart MASTERS in Sao Paulo of Brazil!

Our Brazilian member, MAXI, was responsible for the technical production a corporate event that took place from May 24th until the 28th at the Unimed Teatro of Sao Paulo.

The team of MAXI apart from being responsible for setting up the entire technical equipment from audio to video, staging and lights, was the one who made it possible for the attendees to participate in more than one language! To this hybrid event that was streamed live, remote participants were able to choose between Portuguese, Spanish and English!

This was made possible, midst all the hygiene protocols, by setting up ISO standard booths and the Dicentis Bosch Conference equipment for the interpreters to work in full isolation and health safety. The team set up backstage 4 booths in total, one for each interpreter making it possible for them to work in full concentration and making it possible, coming back step by step to real live events!

Let us know how our members can support you and your clients, making everything possible as we are coming out slowly out of the pandemic! Email us at [email protected] or contact us through our social media!