Going back to live events within USA!

   Heading back to business as usual? Well…we are at least trying as a network to get back in the field and be there for what the clients of our members need!

   One of our members in the Eastern business area of the United States, Mainline AV, has been one of the first to support live events! They were responsible for the full technical production of a pharmaceutical  meeting in Chicago with 120 attendees and for one in Washington DC for a corporate event with more than 100 participants as well!

   In order to conform with the hygiene protocols they used for both meetings the Bosch Dicentis Wireless discussion devices, giving the feeling of the safety to everyone in the room! No cords, no COVID…could be what we could be saying next!

   For meeting under safety protocols and with the latest technology in conference and simultaneous interpretation, please contact our Central Office at [email protected].