G20 Meeting, Brisbane – Australia, 15-16.11.2014

G20 Meeting

Our local member in Australia, Congress Rental Australia, was selected by the G20 Taskforce within the Australian Government to be the technical supplier of the meeting that took place in Brisbane, from the 15th until the 16th of November 2014.

Jeremy Ducklin and his team were selected among others claiming the tender that the Australian Government only 6 weeks before the event! They were called upon to supply equipment in 15 separate rooms in 3 different locations in the city. The main room needed 5 Dome Cameras, SI equipment mounted on the trussing system set in the room, microphones with Bosch software control and all systems functioned fully co-ordinated. In a remote location on site 13 double booths were installed and 2 triple as well in order to facilitate the interpretation needs of the meeting.

There were many issues that the team had to work out on the way to a perfect performance. Due to the tender that involved this part of the meeting being the last one issued, accreditation was late and they were the last group to be supplied with the relevant accreditations, preventing them to access the venue for one full day! Event security, of course due to the severity of the meeting was so tight that the whole of the center of city was locked down to traffic for three days, which you could access only either on foot or with trolley, which resulted in having three sets of crew for each location.

But for one more time, what was proven was not only the capabilities of a member of our network, but also that such endeavors result from a common effort. Congress Rental Australia had the support from 6 other members, with the help of which they would have never made it happen: Kongresstechnik – Congress Rental Austria, P.C. Podimatas SA from Greece, Robotrade from Slovenia, Congress Rental Singapore, Congress Rental South Africa and Dorier SA from Switzerland. A large amount of equipment stock was used to see through all the requirements that such a high-level meeting had!

Chris Christoff, the ICT Project and Operation Manager of the G20 Taskforce, commented in regards to the co-operation with Congress Rental Australia: “The G20 Leaders’ Summit brought together 34 leaders and 5,300 delegates from across the world for an event that depended on easy communications across 14 languages. Congress Rental provided interpretation equipment for use at three venues at the G20 Leaders’ Summit, held in Brisbane on 15-16 November 2014. Congress delivered the equipment under tight constraints and worked tirelessly to ensure the equipment was delivered and installed on time. The systems performed perfectly at each venue, playing a crucial role in the success of the event. CEO Jeremy Ducklin and his team understood the requirements for interpretation systems from the perspectives of customers and interpreters, ensuring a flawless performance for the G20 Leaders’ Summit.”

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