CRN member in Romania supporting the EU Summit in Sibiu!

On May 9th, our local member in Romania, Conference Systems SRL, was commissioned by Gene-Electra, to supply, install and operate the BOSCH DCN-NG conference and simultaneous interpretation system for interpretation in 24 languages for the EU Summit.

The Summit was technically supported by the team of Conference Systems with 75 Bosch DCN-NG interpreters’ desks and of course, Bosch HDP-HQ interpreter headphones. Triple booths were supplied by local authorities, while in the main meeting room in the City Hall the Bosch NG Conference system was used. Same system was fully operational at the secondary meeting room located in Brukenthal Museum .
All system were controlled and operated by the Bosch DCN-NG software.

What was really challenging for the set up of the interpretation system was that all booths were placed in a special tent installed just for the event 100m. away from the main room!

Another high-level technically supported event by a CRN member! If you want to know more contact us at [email protected]