Congress Rental Australia supports the ADB across multiple venues in Fiji!

 The Asian Development Bank acts as a financial institution fostering economic growth and cooperation in Asia. This year their 52nd annual meeting of the ADB Board of Governors was held in Fiji, Nada, from the 1st – 5th of May 2019.

  Congress Rental Australia was the interpretation, conference microphone and PTZ Camera partner. Working alongside Encore and Microhire, the team on the ground contributed to a successful conference for the end client. The 5-day event attracted over 3000 delegates from overseas and was one of the largest event’s Fiji has seen. The majority of the meetings were held at the Westin and Sheraton Resorts, also known as the Denarau Island Convention Centre (DICC). Alongside this, The InterContinental Resort at Natadola Bay also hosted meetings.

   The meetings required interpretation systems and up to 1000 receivers in a single area. The largest room had 68 CCS1000 Bosch Conference Microphones, including a chairperson microphone. Challenges that the Congress Rental Australia faced on site were that multiple room resets required microphones to be bumped in and out, then reinstalled to suit the new meeting plan. Tech teams coordinated with room advisors and onsite staff and on some occasions, Congress assisted the onsite team with room configuration to ensure everything was perfect for the client.