Congress Rental Network was the official technical supplier of the AIIC General Assembly!

AIIC General Assembly

Our network was the official technical supplier of the General Assembly of the International Association of Conference Interpreters (AIIC) that took place from the 14th until the 18th of January 2015 in the UN premises of Addis Ababa in Ethiopia!

With a common endeavor of four of our members -Ubiqus from UK, Sono from Madrid in Spain, Congress Rental South Africa and Congress Rental Emirates- and with the help the Central Office of the network that managed all logistics aspects, CRN’ s team went to Addis Ababa to support AIIC’s General Meeting with more than 250 DCN Full Function microphones, simultaneous interpretation for 3 booths for more than 300 attendees and a software specially designed by Bosch Conference Systems to serve the special needs of the group during their voting procedures!

A challenging meeting, one might say, since the destination was a difficult one to reach and to import all equipment, nevertheless, the team saw the event through from every aspect provide high quality services and satisfy one more client! The co-operation with AIIC has been built for many years now, as the liason among the two organizations is one of great importance to CRN since the interpreters are the first who use our equipment out in the field.

The newly elected Chairwoman of AIIC, Mrs. Angela Keil, as expressed by her during the plenary, the services that were provided was exactly what the meeting required facilitating their sessions and decision making!

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