Based in one continent and providing services in another?

   Mainline AV, one of the two US members of Congress Rental Network that joined this past year, was able to support its clients in multiple locations, while at the same time working for fellow members locally! How is this possible? …of course due to the power of the network itself!

   They partner with our Danish member, Teletech while supporting a Communication conference mid October, while they were supporting from their side our Hungarian partner, Special Effects Ltd in Arlington, VA and in Boston, MA at the same time!

The network itself gives our member the flexibility and opportunity to move easily around the world and provide the same level of services as if they were just around the corner of their own warehouse and premises. High-level standard of equipment both in conference, SI and audiovisual gear, technicians that operate and perform as if they were their own, working under the same mentality and with the same skills.

   Want to experience the same level of services while hosting your meetings and events around the world? Contact our Central Office and they will liaise you with the nearest CRN member at your event location!