Yalta European Strategy (YES) Conference, Kiev, 11-13.09.2014

Yalta European Strategy

The Yalta European Strategy Office in Kiev organised from the 11th until the 13th of September of 2014 the 11th Annual International Conference, where leading politicians participated in order to plan new global strategies, such as the President and Prime Minister of Ukraine, the President of Poland, the President of the E.C., the President of the European Parliament, the President of Estonia, the President of ESADE Centre of the Global Economy and Geopolitics, the Prime Minister of United Kingdom and other from all over the world!

All public areas of the venue, including the open air central site were involved in this project. One of the technical achievements of our Ukrainian partner in this project was that managed to co-ordinate harmoniously all halls as one single venue: speeches that took place in the main hall where broadcasted to the Press Centre, Business Centre, Delegations Conference Hall, Art Zone and Students’ Room. Moreover, all outdoor lunches where broadcasted as well to four different indoor dining rooms!

In total, over one thousand of 32ch digital IR Bosch Integrus receivers were used, five double Audipack booths and much more Bosch Conference equipment! The success of the YES 2014 Conference would be impossible without the SI support provided by our local CRN Member! In reality, that was the main key reason Leater Plus was selected as the technical supplier of the event, because of the quality Bosch equipment combined with high level of services they provide!

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