When synergy among our members works wonders!

Our member in Malta, Studio Seven, was honored to have welcomed and supported an international event that deployed in 8 different halls last month!

The event was fully technically equipped with the latest Bosch IP technology of the Dicentis generation discussion devices, counting more than 200 units. Using full functionalities of the system, in coordination with more than ten Avonic PTZ cameras the technical team ensured visibility for all speakers. In addition, the full Bosch Integrus simultaneous interpretation system was set up to facilitate deliberations.

Yet, nothing would be possible, without the synergy of the Studio Seven team with the one of Conference Systems from Romania. Working as one, they managed to join their pool of equipment and resources to ensure a seamless & flawless result.

This is what makes our network unique: a remarkable inventory worldwide and highly professional technical resources to service meetings and events! Reach out to us and allow us to liaise you with one of our members in the region where your event will be taking place!

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