The Illegal Wildlife Trade Conference in London!


Our British member, was fortunate enough to be invited to support many high profile events that take place in London and across Europe. In February they had one such opportunity when Ubiqus was contracted by WRG Live to provide the interpretation and camera support for the Illegal Wildlife Trade conference. The event brought together dignitaries and delegates from across the globe that united to protest against this dreadful practice.

Led by Prince Charles and HRH the Duke of Cambridge, the conference united world leaders from over 40 nations to help save endangered species from extinction.

Ubiqus helped to facilitate communication throughout the event by providing a temporary installation of our Bosch interpretation equipment to facilitate the multiple language requirements of the meeting. They were also required to use our new HD dome camera system to ensure that whichever delegate was speaking was projected onto the plasma screens and projectors.

The Dome Camera Systems that CRN Member use, are fully integrated with our Push-to-talk microphones. This means that whoever activates their microphone, either by pressing the button or through voice-activation, the mini HD camera will automatically move to focus on that speaker, projecting his or her image onto a plasma or screen. It’s an easy way to create an impressive display at your next conference or meeting, allowing even those at the back of the crowd to be a part of the action.

Three of our Bosch-certified Senior technicians installed and operated this equipment and provided constant support on-site and helping the conference agree on the important initiatives in the London Declaration.

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