Selling on-site virtually!

   Our Australian member, Congress Rental Australia, made it possible for the salesforce staff of a company to meet with their clients and present their products, while their clients were actually … from their premises!

   As quarantine restrictions are still enforce in many areas in Australia and while business needs to find its way to happen, our Australian tech team found a way to make this happen. They equipped two rooms each with 15 Dicentis Wireless discussion devices and the relevant needed high-definition cameras that were needed in order for everyone to communicate efficiently!

   The three-days meeting, gave to the salesforce onsite the means to an end to meet every day with a different client and all in safety for everyone!

   Contact the CRN member closest to you or our Central Office at [email protected] and for sure we will find a way to support you and your business to connect with your clients or make your event happen!