EU-Western Balkans Summit in Sofia!

SEG was chosen to be the official provider of technical equipment for the EU-Western Balkans Summit. Very influential people took place in this event – leaders from the 6 Western Balkans partners and heads of state of government from EU member states. Our clients were the European Council and Géné Electra SPRL. This event took place in Sofia on the 16th of May 2018. The installation complied with all requirements of the European Council.

Our Bulgarian member provided 23 interpretation triple booths equipped with Bosch technique which are approved by the DG for Interpretation of EU (SCIC). Interesting to note is that it is a very rare occasion in their country to service an event with such a number of interpretation booths. For the creation of this event we partnered with several foreign companies which are CRN partners. They were the following: Yventech from the Czech Republic, Special Effects International from Hungary, Kongresstechnik Vienna and DB Video from Belgium (which is not part of the CRN). Not only did we provide the booths, but also the latest model discussion microphones – Bosch DCN-DCS. 32 microphones of this type were used in the main hall and they were able to facilitate the flow of this event.

Thanks to the flawless organisation of the event an optimum end result was delivered! Above all that end result is the ultimate proof of the power of Congress Rental Network, an endless inventory of equipment, manpower and will to support one-another!