From the skies…to a meeting room in the Netherlands!

   Our local member in the Dutch business area, Jacot Audiovisueel, was responsible for the technical production of the Airbus meeting that took place lately at the Van der Valk Hotel in Leiden of the Netherlands.

   The local team supported the meeting with the latest Bosch Conference Technology! Participants used the Dicentis discussion devices, the extended version, and were able to attend the meeting in five different languages. Interpreters used as well the latest Bosch interpretation system, as in the ISO standard booths, the Dicentis i-desks were installed for their perusal!

   Regardless of size, all meetings are equally important and equipping them with the lates Bosch Conference Technology is what our members specialized upon! Either online, on hybrid mode or totally on site reach out to our Central Office at [email protected] and we will liaise you with the suitable member to support you anywhere around the world!