When Italy hosted the G20 meeting!

   Back in July of last year, our member in the Italian region, TC Group, undertook the full technical production of the G20 Summit! World leaders came together to discuss all major issues concerning our planet and the Italian team with more than 20 technicians provide a full technological state of the art spectrum to make sure the meeting was supported in simultaneous interpretation, conference system, audio, video, lights, streaming and as well as HD recording of the sessions.

   Seems simple? Well, there are always challenges when the Italian Government actually welcomed all highly esteemed guests at the Colosseum! When technology meets mankind’s history landmarks then one thing is certain…a remarkable result!

   TC Group team worked for more than 6 months to plan and realize the entire production within more than 2o different locations in Rome! Managed to successfully combine all elements for such a challenging event and deliver a seamless result. Want to know how our members can support your meetings and events, reach out to our Central Office at [email protected] and we will liaise you with the closest member possible!