Innovating during the G7 Summit in Germany!

   Wondering how innovative you can be while technically supporting such a high-level meeting that facilitates the deliberations of the 7 richest countries in the world? Just choose your conference systems cleverly and use the latest Bosch Conference technology with the flush installation convenience around the table!

   Our German member, elakustik GmbH, was assigned the technical support of the entire G7 meeting that took place in Schloss Elmau for three days at the end of last June. Because of the high-level requirements of the event and how leaders needed to be facilitate when discussing among them in the most efficient way possible, it was requested to install the Dicentis new efficient application of the discussion device. This way not only deliberations where easily conducted but also simultaneous interpretation was provided within the room in 7 languages, but overall 12 for also remote participants.

   Congress Rental Network members always find the most suitable way to service clients’ needs in the level required. Should you want to know more on how they can help you technically support your meetings and events, reach out to our Central Office at [email protected]!