The European Commission of Regions in Santiago de Compostela!

   The city of Santiago de Compostela hosted during at the beginning of June for two days the conference, organized by the European Committee of the Regions and the Commission of Natural Resources under the theme “A different model of Tourism in Europe: The Way of Santiago”, event whose audiovisual production was made by our member in the Portuguese business region, Smart Choice Audiovisuais.

   This was a complete onsite event that included a translation system for 10 languages, that the Portuguese team technically support with the latest Bosch Conference technology. ISO standard booths and the Bosch Dicentis devices were provided, in order to present to all participants top-notch conference systems.

   Setting up 11 double booths and equipping them with the latest Dicentis interpreters desks, provided to more than 100 participants the ability to attend the meeting in their own language. The Dicentis DCNM-DE discussion devices that were placed within the meeting room to facilitate all deliberations, contributed to the perfect outcome of the meeting!

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