Ditec supporting the NATO Summit of 2022!

   Our Spanish member, Ditec, supported the NATO Summit that took place in Madrid last June! The Spanish team with the synergy of their counter-partners of Portugal, Denmark, Slovenia and a bit from the Netherlands delivered an exquisite and seamless end result to such a high-level meeting!

   For more than 3 weeks of setting up and for more than 4 days of preparation, configurations and mock-up run tests to make sure that there were no flaws or technical issues, Ditec team used the latest technology in all rooms! Bosch Conference Systems were installed throughout the venue, using the latest IP based Dicentis product family, as well as the relevant infrared interpretation equipment. A highly-trained team in Bosch technology of 22 technicians installed and operated more than 60 ISO Standard booths, almost around 100 wired and wireless discussion devices and distributed to the delegations around 1.500 receivers! Impressive numbers, right?

   CRN members are used to undertake such major events like EU Presidencies, NATO Summits, UN Meetings and Conference as governmental conferences, so although the challenges and stakes are always high, they rely to what the network is all about! Simply the elite companies in Conference and simultaneous interpretation combined with the latest technology in equipment rental offered by our partner, Bosch!