Conference Equipment Solutions



Conference Equipment Solutions

All CRN members are technical specialist operating in their everyday business the latest Bosch SI and conference equipment.

For many decades active in the field of conference and event systems hire, experienced in installing and operating the state-of-the-art conference equipment provided by Bosch, all the members of Congress Rental Network are present in more than 40 countries around the world in all five continents

From the smaller group meeting and Board gatherings, to the largest events, general assemblies and sessions, your nearest CRN member will identify and install the ideal system of the suitable conference equipment that meets your technical requirements.

All technical personnel of the members across the entire network is trained for operating all Bosch conference equipment, so you will never have to worry about incorrect functioning or setbacks! There are ready to ensure the success of your meeting and event!

Do not hesitate to contact any of our members around the world by sending in your inquiry or ask any type of assistance from our Central Office by emailing [email protected]




CCS 1000 D Digital Discussion System

Power boost and enhanced functionality for CCS 1000 D Digital Discussion System from Bosch

The CCS 1000 D Digital Discussion System from Bosch redefined user-friendliness and meeting productivity in conference technology. Compact yet versatile, the highly flexible system is the ideal solution for small to medium-sized meeting areas – including town halls, local business centers and courtrooms – as well as for mobile installations used by rental companies.

A new extension unit and software update will extend the functionality of the CCS 1000 D Digital Discussion System from Bosch. The system’s extension unit provides extra power, allowing venue owners, rental companies, building managers and participants to expand their CCS 1000 D Digital Discussion Systems to up to 245 devices. In addition, Bosch will provide a software update, which extends the system’s functionality and gives participants and system integrators more flexibility.

Expanding the system to 245 participants
The CCS 1000 D Extension Unit from Bosch allows the system to cater to meetings of up to 245 participants. It can be easily connected to Bosch’s Digital Discussion System and includes a built-in splitter for easy installation at any point in the system. The CCS 1000 D Extension Unit offers three power supply outputs and is protected against short circuits.

Software updates enhance functionality
Multiple users can connect to the central unit to control a meeting or to view the system’s status. For example, a clerk can control the system from his own device in line with city council protocols. With the new interruption microphone setting, a Discussion Device can be set as a central microphone. Positioned at a podium, the device can be used by a guest speaker, overriding all other participants’ microphones. Users can now set the discussion units to standby mode, a feature that both saves energy when meetings are paused and prevents being heard while talking over the unit during breaks.

Furthermore, an Application Programming Interface (API) now enables the individual adjustment of each microphone’s sensitivity and connection to third-party solutions, as well as system control and the retrieval of status information. Using the API, system integrators can now build customized software solutions or interfaces to external applications. Thanks to the software update the CCS 1000 D Digital Discussion System from Bosch ensures also increased compatibility by supporting common third party video switchers.

Congress Rental Network counts on Bosch latest conference technology systems, in order to continue being the leader in the conference and simultaneous interpretation technical support. Constant improvement in the members’ in-house inventory and high-level services are the main factors that challenge each one of them in the conference and events that they support in their every-day business. We thank Bosch for always being by our side and for providing all the time to our members technical solutions, so as our members to be able to answer all their clients’ request and technical demands!

Should you wish more information on the CCS 1000D system or any other of the Bosch Conference Systems, please contact our Central Office at [email protected] or get in touch with your local Congress Rental Network member! We will more than happy to service you and your event!
CCS 1000 D Digital Discussion
System Brochure




DICENTIS Wireless Conference System

The Bosch DICENTIS Wireless Conference System is based on standard Wi-Fi technology and smart wireless management to allow for interference-free and highly flexible wireless conferencing – even in critical environments. The system is equipped with state-of-the-art technology including built-in Digital Acoustic Feedback Suppression (DAFS) to eliminate disturbing feedback.

Quick and easy set-up and configuration make the Bosch DICENTIS WirelessDICENTIS Wireless Conference System Conference System an ideal solution for multi-purpose rooms. The system is also suitable for use in historic buildings, as no changes need to be made to existing building structures for installation. This is crucial to all CRN members, as rental business takes place every day into the most unusual and extraordinary places around the world, that some of them are of historical heritage (such as Parliament buildings, Municipality offices, UNESCO historical monuments etc.) Being able to install the minimum necessary cables makes our members’ work feasible and easier, which is essential during set up, operation and dismantle.

Technically, it ensures a superior meeting experience, with wireless devices designed for fast, intuitive use, and conveys a sense of natural, direct communication. Additional features include a built-in Near Field Communication (NFC) reader, a 4.3-inch capacitive touch-screen and a high directive microphone. True Wireless Connectivity enables an easy control of the conference system via a tablet or laptop. The mobile devices can connect directly to the system’s Wireless Access Point – without the need for an additional router. Highly secure wireless encryption (WPA2) guards the system against eavesdropping.

DICENTIS Wireless Conference SystemBosch was actually proud to announce during the ISE Exhibition of Amsterdam that its DICENTIS Wireless Conference System has won the prestigious InAVation technology award 2016 in the category “Most inAVative Meetings and Congress Technology,” prevailing over strong competition. Product manager Kahloh Leung and engineer Anton Prins accepted the award on behalf of Bosch during the 10th annual InAVation Awards ceremony was held on February 9th at the Gashouder in Amsterdam during the ISE show.

Over 600 guests from the most influential names in the AV industry were invited to attend the highly renowned event hosted by UK-based InAVate magazine. The Technology Awards recognize the best products, software and tools launched in the last year. Shortlisted companies were nominated for public voting. This year more than 32,000 votes were cast by readers using a points-based system to choose a winner in each of the 13 different categories. Votes from technical managers, consultants, end users and integrators scored higher than those from manufacturers or distributors.

This win marks a second consecutive accolade for a Bosch conferencing solution – last year, our Dutch member Jacot Audiovisueel won in the “Government & Public Sector” category for their project utilizing DCN multimedia Conference Systems from Bosch at the 2014 Nuclear Security Summit.

All the above prove once more why Congress Rental Network is the only partner of Bosch in regards to simultaneous interpretation and conference equipment. The best and most innovative manufacturer works only with the best system integrators in rental business in the global conference market, the members of CRN and visa versa! Settling for noting but the best for the clientele of CRN everywhere around the globe!

Should you wish more information on the DICENTIS Wireless Conference System or any other of the Bosch Conference Systems, please contact our Central Office at [email protected] or get in touch with your local Congress Rental Network member! We will more than happy to service you and your event!
DICENTIS Wireless Conference
System Brochure



DICENTIS Conference System

The market leader for over 60 years in the conference and event segment, Bosch Conference Systems introduced the DICENTIS Conference System, a revolutionary product family that utilizes IP-based OMNEO media networking architecture and user-friendly touch-screen conference devices for participants using a version of the AndroidÔ operating system. A revolutionary conference device that introduced new potentials to the conference and event world!

Building on its world-class expertise, Bosch provides a wide range of solutionsDICENTIS Wireless Conference System for all types of meeting and conferencing applications. The company is now extending its successful portfolio with the introduction of the DICENTIS Conference System. It perfectly combines audio, video, meeting content and touch-screen technology in elegantly and ergonomically designed conference devices. The high-resolution, capacitive touch-screens provide users with the information they need literally at their fingertips, allowing participants to share documents, retrieve and display presentations, as well as access the internet.

The DICENTIS Conference System features the excellent sound quality that has come to be associated with the Bosch name. Voices sound completely natural thanks to the innovative high-directive technology in the unobtrusive microphone, and due to the built-in, two-way loudspeaker system. Advanced audio settings allow for optimized room equalization, while integrated intelligent Acoustic Feedback Suppression supports higher volumes with maximum speech intelligibility.

As an IP-based system built on the OMNEO media networking architecture, DICENTIS makes use of fully standardized network technology for ease of integration, cost-effective installation and simple maintenance. In addition, the system enables easy expansion with OMNEO audio devices and a wide range of audio products supporting DanteÔ technology. Enhanced functionalities can also be added to the multimedia conference devices via software and integrating third-party or custom-made apps. Finally, all audio and control data flowing through the system is securely encrypted in accordance with internationally recognized standards. This means that it is safely protected against tampering and unauthorized access.

DICENTIS Wireless Conference System

“With DICENTIS Conference System, our customers are investing in a truly future-proof solution that can grow with our customer’s needs,” explains Murat Keskinkilinc, Product Marketing Manager Conference Systems at Bosch Security Systems. “Its use of standard and open technologies combined with multimedia capabilities for an enhanced meeting experience makes it the right choice for today and tomorrow.”

Congress Rental Network members have already embraced this new era of equipment. With more than 1.500 devices spread worldwide among the network within less the last 3 years that DICENTIS series were initially introduced, many major events have been called upon to be supported by this new product family of Bosch! Biggest them were the Nuclear Summit of 2014 that took place in The Hague of Netherlands supported by our Dutch member Jacot Audiovisueel in 2014 (more info on this event you can find in our blog and all the events that were supported by our Greek partner P.C. Podimatas S.A. under the framework Greece holding the EU Presidency the first half of the same year. (more info on this in our blog ).

Ever since then, many events have been supported with the new DICENTIS Conference System, introducing this technology innovation to the market! For more information, do not hesitate to contact the Central Office of Congress Rental Network at [email protected] or your nearest CRN member!
DCN Multimedia Conference



DCN Next Generation Conference System

Bosch introduced some years ago the DCN Next Generation Conference System family. Among this family a number of different devices that are spread among the inventory of all Congress Rental Network members. Most famous and latest addition to this family, the DCN-D Discussion Unit which combined an elegant, innovative design with a superior acoustical performance. With its sleek control panel and intuitive layout, this brand new discussion unit has an instantly familiar feel. The large, ergonomic buttons allow for an easy operation. Advanced acoustic technology makes it easy to hear exactly what’s going on, so that even new users can feel at ease and in control.DCN Next Generation Conference System

The curved shape, slim design and elegant combination of stylish silver and black in a matt finish ensure the DCN-D Discussion Unit perfectly fits with the decor of all kinds of different conference rooms. This is vital to create an environment that encourages constructive dialog.

All discussion units feature built-in loudspeakers, a microphone which can be activated with a single touch, headphone sockets and volume control. Every unit can be configured to become the chairman unit. Once done the unit allows the chairman to control the proceedings by registering requests to speak and overriding delegates with a priority button.

There are five versions of the DCN-D Discussion Unit available. From a basic version with fixed microphone allowing a delegate to simply talk and listen, up to an extended version with pluggable microphone, electronic voting facility and a built-in channel selector for language selection of up to 31 interpretations.

With its attractive design and imp
roved acoustical performance, the DCN-D Discussion Unit fits perfectly into Bosch’s DCN Next Generation Conference System portfolio and offers customers a range of options to best fit their individual conferencing needs.

DCN Next Generation Conference SystemIn 2013 The DCN-D Discussion Unit of the Digital Congress Network (DCN) Next Generation Conference System from Bosch has been honored with the prestigious German iF product design award by the International Design Forum Hannover (iF) in the category “Audio/Video”. The iF in Hannover has been granting its globally recognized design awards since 1953. The jury is made up of 32 international experts, with Professor Fritz Frenkler as its chairman (Frenkler is a German Designer and a professor for Industrial Design at the Technical University Munich in Germany). Among the criteria iF uses to select award-winning products are quality of design, processing quality, material selection, and functionality, as well as brand value and branding.

Moreover, during the same year the DCN-D Discussion Unit, part of the Digital Congress Network (DCN) Next Generation Conference System family from Bosch, has been honored with the prestigious German red dot award for high design quality in the category “product design 2013”. The Design Zentrum Nordrhein-Westfalen has created one of the world’s most internationally acclaimed design competitions, which this year attracted 4,622 entries in the “product design” category alone. The “red dot” itself has long since become a coveted quality mark for excellent design. The award-winning products are displayed in the red dot design museum for at least one year, and bear the red dot logo for the remainder of their life cycle. The winning design of the DCN-D Discussion Unit strikes the perfect balance between aesthetic appeal and ergonomic efficiency.

Congress Rental Network through its members holds a very large inventory of DCN Next Generation devices through the combined inventories around the world, that gives the network the capability to support major events through the synergies created. Meetings of high-level profile, such as COP/CMP meetings, EU Presidencies, APEC, G7 and G20 have been successfully supported by CRN members with perfect results. For more information feel free to contact the Central Office of Congress Rental Network at [email protected] or your nearest CRN member!
DCN Next Generation Conference
System Brochure

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