Bosch Conference Solutions

Bosch Conference Solutions

Bosch, the business partner of Congress Rental Network in conference solutions for almost three decades now!

The Bosch name has been –for over 125 years-, synonymous witFh innovation,quality and reliability. Building on truly world-class expertise, Bosch Security Systems has led the conference market for over 65 years by consistently introducinginnovative products. Bosch provides a wide range of state-of- the-art solutions for all types of meeting and conferencing applications. It was the first company to introduce a fully digital conference system (DCN), which set the industry st
andard more than 20 years ago.

Bosch conference solutions are used by all kinds of customers, ranging from small-sized organizations to multinational corporations, as well as local, regional and national governments and international summits. Bosch is the market leader in conferencing and its conference solutions are well-known for their high quality and reliability. As the leading supplier in conference solutions, Bosch is committed to deliver the most innovative conference platform to fulfill current and future market needs. This is why we are expanding our IP portfolio with four new devices and our new product family: DICENTIS. The DICENTIS Conference System is a revolutionary platform for the integrated conference world of tomorrow.

Bosch Conference Systems

Bosch, has been in close co-operation with Congress Rental Network since 1990. For more than twenty-five years now CRN members have been proud to use the Bosch conference solution in their every-day business, as the leaders in their markets could join forces only with the best supplier! Our members continue day after day and project by project to trust their business in the hands of the optimum conference technology and
this has been proven in numerous times, as CRN members have been called up to technically support EU Presidencies all around the region, UN meetings all around the globe and various other international conferences as the COP conferences etc.

Bosch has been working closely throughout the years with all CRN members in the development of the new technology as the “voice-of- customer”, as all member- companies can provide the actual feedback that a conference technology company really requires. Moreover, there is a very close co-operation on a technical level with an inter-network blog for actual real-time technical support on issues that may arise while there is a set-up! Bosch acknowledging the value that CRN brings in the company’s business, has marketing and technical representatives participate in all main and regional meetings of the network, building day after day a more solid relationship not only on a group level, but on a personal one, validating the network’s perception that everyone who is within is a part of a big world-spread family!

To honor that bond, Bosch and CRN haBosch Conference Systemss instituted for many years now the Bosch – CRN Gala Dinner that takes place during the Annual General Meeting of the network and each year during this grand festivity, Bosch Board member gives out the Bosch Award of the Year to the CRN member that has contributed the most in the co- operation among the two organization and in the development of the conference solutions that Bosch offers. For example, for 2014 the award was presented to Congress Rental Australia for handling the G20 meeting exquisitely and in 2015 in Robotrade – CRN Slovenia for the overall support that they provided throughout the year in the new DICENTIS Wireless System that Bosch introduced in the market.


All the above prove that it’s a very close co-operation that has been developed and nurtured by both organizations for all the years that passed and both will continue to have faith and continue to invest in it!