The 44th Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting in Berlin!

   Last May, the 44th Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting & the 24th Committee for Environmental Protection Meeting took place in Berlin.

   Our German Member, elakustik GmbH who is a part of the Poolgroup team, undertook the technical production of  the meeting in regard to conference and simultaneous interpretation technologies.

   Overall 3 DICENTIS systems where installed and operated with a total amount of around 150 DCNM-DE, more than 200 IR-receivers, 8 ISO standard interpreter booths with 16 Dicentis interpreters desks, a closed circuit camera system with around 30 cameras to follow the deliberations and the relevant video management system.

   As the rental business has spiked the last year post-pandemic, and elakustik’s resources where in full engaged to other meetings and events, the Management team, decided to benefit from one of network’s main advantages: immense resources in regard to equipment and technical expertise throughout the world! So our German member, reached out to his CRN partners from Denmark (Teletech Conference Communications) and Slovenia (Robotrade).

   Do you want to know how our members can support and service your events with the latest Bosch conference and SI technology? Check our website and reach out to our Central Office at [email protected] for more information!